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Be Part of the Campus Student Election Commission

The Campus Student Election Commission (CSEC) is an independent body of graduate and professional students that administers the campus student elections and establishes and implements election rules and procedures. The CSEC administers the election of the student members of the UC Senate (who comprise the voting membership of the Illinois Student Senate), the Student Trustee and the voting student members of the Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) Board. Additionally, the CSEC:

  • Adjudicates and rules on election disputes and violations
  • Administers and coordinates the ISS internal elections
  • Administers and coordinates the campus referendum process

Time Commitment

The CSEC meets at least once a month to handle the group's recurring business. Meetings may occur more frequently during our peak times of October/November and February/March. Officers are expected to commit additional time to organization administration, meetings with University stakeholders, candidate correspondence and short-notice matters.


All applications are considered on a rolling basis until the membership is filled.


CSEC Application


Any additional questions may be sent to